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What will be the themes of the conference?

Aquariums are responsible and committed institutions involved in safeguarding aquatic biodiversity. They are also centres of scientific culture.

IAC 2022 is an outstanding opportunity for aquariums to share their best practices and outline their common priorities.

Aquariums, which as a body reach over 100 million visitors every year, can report on and raise understanding about the challenges facing the aquatic world. They can also actively involve and mobilise the public on issues affecting the ocean and our future. 

The theme selected for IAC 2022 will explore how aquariums engage at the scientific, societal and political level by involving their audience in their day-to-day activities, research actions and conservation programmes.

The overall theme will be “Aquariums: engaged and active for the Blue Planet”

IAC 2022 will give aquariums the opportunity to share their commitments, innovations and experiences grouped together in 8 secondary themes:

  • Technological developments
  • Reproduction
  • Animal care
  • Conservation
  • Scenographic design and production of cultural and scientific content
  • Education, raising awareness, mobilisation
  • The role of aquariums in society
  • Adapting to a global pandemic situation


Please find here the programme at a glance.


Please find here the PDF programmes:

The complete description of the conference themes are here

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