virtual pavilion International Aquarium Congress 2022

Conference and exhibit venue

Today we find out what the conference and exhibition centre of the 11th IAC looks like.

Virtual or face-to-face meeting?

Regardless of the nature of the IAC, participants will have access to

  • a lobby with a helpdesk,
  • a hall,
  • an auditorium,
  • an exhibition hall with stands for exhibitors,
  • a networking lounge or meeting rooms.

The decision will be taken at the beginning of June and we will know whether the congress is a fully virtual event or a hybrid event combining virtual and face-to-face meetings.

You can nevertheless take advantage of the early bird rate to register for the congress and decide in June to come to Nausicaa, in Boulogne sur Mer if the choice is made to hold also a face-to-face congress.

-> Read more about the conference and exhibit venue


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