IAC 2021 International aquarium congress nausicaa aquarium boulogne sur mer philippe vallette

Philippe Vallette General Manager and Scientific Director of Nausicaa

Welcome to NAUSICAÁ

On 19 May 2018, NAUSICAA, the French National Sea Centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer unveils to the public an expansion which relates to a major challenge of the 21st century, the governance and management of the high seas (Areas Beyond National Jurisdictions), and becomes one of the world’s biggest aquariums. In 2020, NAUSICAA will also open a new temporary exhibition to tackle climate change, another important subject for our future. In 2021, NAUSICAA will welcome the International Aquarium Congress that will be organized following the principles of sustainable development. Boulogne’s exceptional location, between London, Brussels and Paris, means that NAUSICAA can be accessed very easily within two hours from the three big airports of these cities. Thanks to NAUSICAA’s location in a national park, going for a walk, a ride or a sail will be easy. In the North of France, it will be easy to set up and offer various pre- and post-tours – both tourist trips and visits to major European aquariums. And last but not least, we will ensure the French touch is present, enhancing the experience throughout the conference every day for the participants (food, art, etc.). The entire team at NAUSICAA is very motivated to host the International Aquarium Congress and we are looking forward to welcoming the world public aquarium community in NAUSICAA. We are eager to work with the International Aquarium Congress committee and the aquarium community and make this congress an unforgettable one.

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