Conference theme

IAC 2021 International aquarium congress nausicaa aquarium boulogne sur mer

Proposal for a conference theme and conference program

 As an overall theme, IAC 2021 will explore how aquariums engage with society, and especially how they involve their audiences and relevant stakeholders in their daily activities, research and conservation programs. 

Fostering public and stakeholder engagement is proving to be a driver for the development of our organizations. 


For the program schedule, we propose a combination of:

  • Keynote speeches, including globally recognized marine specialists, from research, conservation and professional realms. They will also involve speakers from other fields, who can inspire us, for instance science communication, internet and social network, innovation & blue economy, tourism. Speakers will come from different countries and regions of the world.
  • Plenary sessions, to share and discuss major findings and issues at stake,
  • Concurrent or thematic sessions to deepen the exchange on more specific topics,
  • Technical visits, including backstage visit of Nausicaa, research institutes, fish auction, aquaculture farms and seafood industrial plant

Interactivity will be enhanced by the format of the sessions (with convenors, time for Q&A, etc.), the opportunities to meet the exhibitors, the launch and coffee breaks, the social events and the meeting of marine professionals during the technical visits. 


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